About Me

Hey my loves! Welcome to my site! But most importantly welcome to my about me page, where im supposed to give you the low-down on what my site is about. the only problem is i have no idea what my niche is.

Now that i got that out of the way, i can explain what i would like to do with this site. I’m actually  a nail technician, and i absolutely love my job. My job allows me to come into contact with a lot of different people. For all my fellow technicians out there who take pride in their job, also know that wwe double as psycologists. When you come into contact with your clients that are going to need someone to talk to about their day to day lives. And i actually love dong it.

One thing i noticed, is that alot of my clients are not doing what they love doing, and some of them are living paycheck to paycheck indefinetely. I hear alot of them going to school for careers they deemed “safe and secure”. And alot of people who are already working in their careers that they are indifferent about. I have developed relationships with alot of my clients and i care about them like i care about my own family. So when i hear my clientstalking about what they go through, and all the dreams that havent been chased, i feel horrid.

I know that my clients have to choose to pursue their dreams, but sometimes people need a nudge in the right direction. I want to encourage women: mommies, business women, wives, girlfriends to go out there and get whats rightfully theirs. to live the dream life that we are suttly told we cannot have. Escape the 9 to 5 mindset and start living forrreal. I am going to inspire by transparency. Sharing my journey and being completely honest and open about what I’m going through. and my fight to make it to my version of “the top”.

I started my journey towards entreprenuership in 2016, and at first i thought i was going to focus solely on nails alone, but once i started bloggging, i realized that i enjoy helping people. When i first started telling people i started a blog, some of them became interested themsleves. I enjoyed sharing what i knew wth them. I realized that i want help women find there inner passsions and create a life they are proud to live, a life where  they dont need to take a vacation. Im not where i want to be, but im slowly taking steps to get there!


i sell tshirts , and that’s the only service i provide for now.