Welcome to Talontedigits

Welcome to Talontedigits https://talontedigits.com/welcome-to-talontedigits/

Hey guys, welcome to my site! This is where I’m going to put a boring cliché summary about who I am and the premise of my blog.

My birth certificate says my name is Jody, but I prefer Jojo. I’m a child of God, a mommy to a beautiful little girl, and I have been doing nails for 6 years. Doing nails is my passion, although my degree is in Linguistics. One day I’ll tell you how I came into my current profession. It was a long time coming.

I would call myself a jack of all trades/ master of none,  but my main focus of this website will be nails…. I think. You’ll get to know me, I have a passion for an array of things, and I will also touch lightly on other crafts that I am passionate about, like: inspirational posts, jewelry making, sewing, cooking as well as topics like dance, family, travel, hauls and other randomness.

I have been sitting on this blog for about a year or more, talking myself into starting it up, and talking myself out of starting it up. Eventually, I got it going (as you can see), but then I told myself I had to wait for the perfect time to launch it. Come to find out through reading multiple blogs, there is no perfect time. So here I am, writing this post while watching Guardians of the Galaxy.

One thing I can say is, starting this blog is both exhilarating and terrifying. I hope I can build a brand that my readers can be proud of one day!!!

So, uh welcome to my nail blog/ mom blog/ life blog.

Welcome to Talontedigits https://talontedigits.com/welcome-to-talontedigits/