Inspiring our kids to take hold of their future?

Are we inspiring our kids to take hold of their future?

Or do we send them down a mundane path where they go to elementary school, middle school, high school and then college?

I feel like this is how our lives were ingrained into our heads, and any other path but this one is wrong or unworthy. If you want your kids to have this amazing life where they are go-getters/leaders/successful individuals, we have to be leading by example!

I would rather my daughter have a craft and perfect it, than to have a masters degree in a career where she thinks she will have “job security”. If what she’s passionate about requires her to go to graduate school, then obviously I support it.

I’m going to teach my daughter how to have a business mindset, I want her to be her own boss. I don’t want her looking for approval from people for the things that she wants to do in life. That’s what I ended up doing, and I was miserable because of it.

How do we know what’s best for our kids? 

I know as parents, we want what’s “best” for our children (thinking what’s best for our kids, is what’s best for everyone’s kids). Not realizing we may be suffocating them in the process, or dimming their inner rock-star (I am guilty of this at times). Every kid is cut from the same cloth.

There are times I tend to raise her through my own shattered lens of what I think life should be like. I struggled with not believing in myself my whole life. I refuse to let my brokenness be an example of how my daughter should go through life. You have to change your mindset first, if you want to inspire your kids to do the same. Inspiring your kids to go after their dreams while you are working at a job that you hate is counterproductive.

How do you know what’s best for your child? You have to get to know them, find out what makes them happy, what fuels their desire to put forth good in this world.

What they want is constantly changing!

You also have to realize, what makes them happy one day, might not make them happy the next. Even as an adult, what makes me happy is constantly changing for me too. Before I started this blog, I wanted to do nail tutorials and everything about nails, but now I’ve changed. Although I’m still passionate about nails, i want to start dabbling in photography, acrylic painting, printables, journal binding, and so much more.

What I want to do is constantly changing, and I love it, it gives my existence so much more meaning. My daughter is the same exact way. She’s into one thing one day, and then the next she’s not. I get so frustrated when that happens, but now I’m trying to shift how I view things.

You have to allow them to be comfortable in their own skin. My daughter is into fashion, makeup, and anything girly. I started to let her dress herself. Sometimes she looks ridiculous, but other times, she puts herself together really well. Allowing them to make certain decisions on their own builds confidence. Building confidence in your kids from a young age is a great recipe for a leader in the future.

Are you worried that what your child wants to do with their future is not considered a proper job?

What is it that your kid wants to do? Did your kid tell you they want to work at Publix, because it looks like fun? Did you tell them, that it’s not a real job? I remember, my daughter told me she wanted to be a nail technician like me, and I immediately got upset with her. Because even though doing nails are my passion, I am aware that 99% of people don’t see it as a career (this statistic was provided by yours truly).

How can I expect my daughter to be happy with whatever career she chooses, if I hold my head down when I talk about mine? Let’s face it, the arts as a profession are not respected like it should be.

On another occasion, my daughter told me she wanted to open up a lemonade stand, and I told her no, out of pure laziness. And now that I look back, I’m like, “This child told me she wanted to have her own little business, and I shut her down”. A lot of times I’m exhausted, being a mom, working, dance class, church, my blog and everything else that’s important to me takes up a lot of my time. And I’m trying to get everything done, so I don’t feel like playing tea party with her stuffed animals or doing doll house, or any other weirdness that my daughter likes to make me do.

I’m starting to realize that if I keep not making time for her, one day she’s not going to make time for me, and that will be devastating. We have to start investing in our kids dreams, whether it be financially, emotionally, whatever we have to offer!

Are your kids too young to be great?

Do you believe in our kid’s abilities? My daughter wants to learn how to roller-skate, she wants to cook, and she also wants to help me clean. “Mommy let me cook you dinner!”. I tell her no its ok, I got it, why? Because I feel like she is too small to do these things, she’s 6, so I feel like she’s not capable. How amazing would she be even now if I encouraged her in whatever it is that she wanted to do! When I watch shows like Chopper Junior or Cupcake Wars Kids edition, I am amazed at these 10 and 11 year old kids cooking these masterpieces. I can barely pronounce some of the foods that they are preparing!

The kids of this generation are so much more technology savvy then even when I was a kid. the entire world is at their fingertips. And in my house, we serve the Lord, so with Him, the possibilities are endless!

Are we walking by example?

Are we inspiring our kids to take hold of their future by being a good example ourselves? I know that this is something I struggle with as well, and my child keeps me in check. When I tell her not to do something and she catches me doing it, she corrects me.  And I can’t even get mad, because when I tell her not to do something, she holds me to a certain standard. Kids definitely teach you how to not have double standards.

Our kids are our future and I want my legacy to be strong woman of God, independent, street smart and book smart. I want her to grow up and work in a career where she’s happy, not where she thinks it will make her “stable or secure”.

We have to teach our kids there is no such thing as job security, so they might as well pursue what they love doing. Teach them about multiple income streams so they aren’t dependent on just one.

I don’t want to be the type of mother who forces my daughter to go to college because it looks good to everyone else. Not to say that college is bad. if what she wants to do with her life requires college then great. But if it doesn’t, I’m not forcing her. You can be successful with your passion.

So how can we inspire our kids to take hold of their future?
♥ Just ask them! I asked my daughter to write down some things that she wanted to do/ accomplish throughout their life. If the list is small-that’s great! And if the list is big that’s even better! Get those dusty wheels in their minds to start turning!

♥Allow them to make a vision board, or just draw out what they want to do with themselves.

♥Daily affirmations. I have my daughter read off of this paper as often as I remember, and if you do this daily it can change their life. Change your thoughts, change your life.

♥Spend time with them. Boy o boy, a lot of the times, I’m so busy working, doing chores, working on my blog, and trying to keep up with everything, I don’t spend as much time as I can with her. I have been working on this, I try to include her in as much as I can so she doesn’t feel left out. As I’m talking to you right now, I’m planning a photoshoot that we can do together for the featured image for this very post. she is not shy in front of the camera and I love it. So, this will be great! I’m getting work done and spending time with her. We clean together sometimes, she helps me in the kitchen. Sometimes that’s all they need. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy.

♥Have them read, read, read, books, books, books. Get them acclimated to reading for enjoyment. Because if they plan on having their own business in the future, reading will not be a commodity, but a necessity.

♥Get them on somewhat of a schedule!  It doesn’t have to be a whole production, but write down 2 or 3 things a day you want them to accomplish. For example, I have a calendar for the subject I want her to work on that day.  It’s usually 1 or 2 things for about half an hour to 45 minutes.

Have them display everything that they wrote everyday so it’s a constant inspiration to them. Have them decorate it and make it their own. And allow them to change it whenever their direction changes.

I know your schedule is crazy, and you barely have time as it is, but they need us.  They need our knowledge and wisdom. Inspire your kids to be strong leaders!