My Journey to Sucess: Day 1


What I’m going to be talking about?

Hey people, welcome to this section of my blog, I will be talking about the ups and downs of my journey to sucess. I’ll be talking about the good, the bad and the ugly, my business, and a little bit about my personal life- only the things that pertains to my business and sometimes off topic things. I’m also going to be quoting a lot of scripture, because this is also a faith based blog.

My Journey to Success: Day 1

Today is November 26, 2017 and I just opened up a salon suite, it’s my first one- I might add- and I’m super excited!!! ME and my 7-year-old daughter just finished putting about 80% of my products in the suite. It was a VERY long day. I had ups and downs in my spirit. I felt like I made a mistake in one instance, and then in the other instance, I felt like I could conquer the entire world!

So, I’m standing in my suite and I’m looking around. “Looks pretty good!”. I look over at the pedicure chair, and it is not in the best physical condition, but I’m so happy that I have one anyway. I fill it up to make sure it is working, and I noticed that when I finished draining the water, some remnants would come back up. I was like, “What in Davy Jones locker?”. So, I don’t know what came over me (probably the holy spirit), but I started praying over this crusty chair.  Not only did I pray for this chair, but I started thanking God for all He had done for me, and then, I started asking for His provisions in my business! I was all over the place. It’s kind of like watching YouTube, you start off looking at makeup tutorials, and then you end up looking up how to capture unicorns in your backyard.

So anyways, I think this section of my blog will be very therapeutic for me and for you as well. For any of my fellow readers who are looking to start their own business. Welcome to the ups and downs on my journey to success. Btw, I have 3 clients booked already! Thank you, Kandice and Robyn, for being one of the first clients to book with me! It was so encouraging to see that! I am so excited right now, and I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.

I am not going to promise I will write every day, but when I can! I am an entrepreneur ya know. Got people to see, places to go, and nails to paint.


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