My journey to sucess: Day 15 ‎

When the fear monster breaks loose

Heeeyyyyyy! Its day 15 y’all, and I’m currently in my suite! This past week, I’ve been having some fears about whether I could make it. in the salon suite. by myself. alone. with no help. I felt like I was sinking, this is the result of me overthinking, and that just means, I don’t trust God with my future, plain and simple! This is something that I am actively working on, but I’m slowly overcoming it. It’s these small victories that bring me closer and closer to believing that God is my provider.

Taking the leap!

Fast forwarding to Thursday, I got a call from a perspective client, and she made an appointment with me for today-Saturday. I was super excited. So, something dropped in my spirit! “Take off Saturday, and work. you’ll make the same amount of money”. So, I was scared but I mentally decided to do it. So fast forward to Friday. I got a message from a client who wanted to book with me! and then ANOTHER client after that. So that makes 3 clients. And their services combined would make up more than I would, if I worked at the salon in plantation.

So, there’s a lot of fast forwarding today. NOW, I’m in the salon suite, eating lunch and waiting on my 3rd client! And after this client comes in, I will have made 16 less than if I were to work at the other salon. For example:

A Saturday at the old salon

If I made $300 total, with the 60% commission I make, I would only make $180.

Today in my salon suite 12/9/17

I made $164 in my pocket! So basically, all I need is $47 more dollars, and next week’s rent will be paid!


I feel like I’m on top of the world. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, while I was freaking out, I started praising Him and praying over my business! I believe He sent these clients to me. Because I decided to step out on faith and trust he will take care of me, I made out like a bandit today. I feel like something awesome is rising up in me and I am going to explode this year.

I’m so happy, but anyway, my client is coming soon, and I want to fix one of my nails! Talk soon!





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