My Journey to Sucess: Day 30

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

HEYYY GUYSSS!!! It’s Christmas eve! I haven’t been back in a while, I have been super busy, working 7 days a week lol. I leave my “main” job at 5pm Wednesday to Friday and Saturday I work 930 to 8. So that’s 4 days. But because I work nights and on my days off, I’m exhausted, and my coworkers look at me with my “three days off”, and they are like, “why are you always complaining about being tired?”, and I think to myself “I refuse to sit here and work all these hours and get half the pay!” Shhooooooot! Obviously they don’t know I have been working around the clock.

I keep hitting my weekly goals.

So here I am in my suite and I have made my rent EVERY. SINGLE. WEEK. BRUH.  I am so proud of myself, because that was my goal! I am just so elated! I just bought 2 pillows, a picture, and 2 decorations for my suite! As I’m here typing my mommy is rearranging and organizing my things. She actually made my room look amazing! I don’t know if I told you guys, but I sell flips now! $4 a pop, for the people who come in and get a pedicure last minute, or they forgot!

God has been blessing me! what can I say? I’m his favorite. But anyhow, in all seriousness, I am so happy, and I can’t wait for 2018, it’s going to be my year for new beginnings, and success! I’m so happy!

I gotta go, so I’ll talk to you later!


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