My Journey to sucess: Day 39

My friend Ashlei

Hey doodz! I’m here in the salon suite, and I just finished a client. My friend Ashlei, who is literally one of my first clients. She has been coming to me since I first started doing nails! I have no idea why either lol I was so terrible! I absolutely love my appointments with her, because she we always have girl talk. She gives awesome but BLUNT advice. Just what I need! She’s always encouraging with a lot of my endeavors, because that’s just the type of person she is.

So, I was on the phone with my accountant Beth, and she is just so knowledgeable about a lot of things, and what’s even better, she answers all my annoying questions! She never makes me feel bad about it either. She is awesome! So, I’m going to be seeing her in a month or so to get all my financial jumble together. I’m so excited. I just have to save all my pennies because now that I have a business, preparing my taxes is not going to cost me $70 anymore. She’s worth every penny.

Walking on eggshells

Now for the scoop on my mom. Sooooooooooo, I still haven’t told her, and tomorrow I’m supposed to be going into my “main” job, and I won’t be! And then I heard her talking to my suite neighbor, and she is going to pass out cards at my salon suite tomorrow. so yeah, I’m supposed to be coming into work at my suite tomorrow, so idk how this is going to work. I’m so scared, idk what to do, but I want to take chances in life. I want to soar! Ya know? I’m so tired of being scared to take chances in life because of what “might” happen. I want to be fearless. So, if she finds out tomorrow, then she finds out, but if not, that would be better for me lol.

My work day

Today was extrememlyyyyyy slow, and I checked my email to see if any clients made an appointment, and no one did. I checked for hours, and still, nothing. Then I checked again and that’s when my friend Ashlei booked! I was so excited you have no idea! So yeah, my goal is to make $800 a week until April. Including my sales from the flip flops and the sugar scrubs and pumice stones! I also want to start adding cuticle oils. But since I quit, my funds have been a little low, so I will only be using that money for bills! And now with this new year coming up, I have a lot of bills that I’m going to have to pay, and sometimes I feel myself becoming very overwhelmed. In the back of my head, I’m like, what did I do? Why am I doing this? Am I an idiot? Maybe the answers to all those questions is yes, but I also know, you can block your blessings by dwelling in too much fear. I MUST learn how to trust God more and know that He is my provider, not the salon I work at.

When I was speaking with my client Kandice yesterday, she also said that if God didn’t give me the ok to leave my job, then it might not work out. But the thing with me is, I’m new in my walk with God, so I don’t even know when He’s talking to me. So, then I was like- “OMG, I’m not sure if He told me to leave!”. So, I’m not sure if I made the right decision guys. All I know is that when I did make that decision, I ended up running into one of the sisters at my church, and she gave me SUCH an encouraging word, her name is Jaime. You ever meet someone and they just exude sweetness? She is a gentle and kind spirited person. But anyhow that’s the position I’m in now.

The promise

But I also made a promise to God and myself, that I would trust Him. I must learn how to put my trust in Him, or I will never have a relationship with Him. Maybe this is supposed to be a part of my journey? I don’t want to be a double minded person. So even though my appointment book has clients here and there, I choose to look into the future. And my future shows me with an appointment book full of clients and a bank account full of money. Especially since the goals this year for my daughter, is that she wants to travel! Sigh.

Well anyways, I’m off!!! Going to go work on this website! And work on the images I want to put on my vision board, for this vision board party I’m going to!



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