My Journey to Sucess: Day 43

My first week being self-employed

Sup guys! Its Jan 6,2018.This has been an amazing week! For my first week being self-employed! Yesterday I had 4 clients. The day started off with one client booked, and then, throughout the day I had 3 more clients book. The crazy part is, most of them were new clients! Then today, I had 6! 6 appointments! 2 of them were new! I’m so excited!

Signed up for Yelp’s advertising services

Yesterday, I called yelp to set up my yelp account, and this dude Bruno finagled me into getting an advertising program. He told me about this girl he helped, and I messaged her immediately, and we were talking. she told me that most of her clients came from yelp! Spa I buckled down and decided to do it. it’s going to be $325 a month. I’m all about taking a chance if it means I get more clients! So here I am, taking risks and doing well so far, so yeah.

My daughter was helping me too. I’m teaching her how to take videos and pictures of my client’s nails, and how to make posts on Instagram. I noticed she’s less bored when she has something constructive to do. She doesn’t like reading, as much as I do, so this is way more fun for her. I pay her, and I bought her a wallet, so she can earn money, and learn how to deposit it into her own account! She feels so accomplished, this little girl lol

I am very happy at this very moment, I’ll be back another day to rant and rave some more.

P.S. I feel like I’m not as grumpy anymore, and I work 7 days a week and 12-hour days most days. I feel so happy!

Bye guys! ‎


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