My Journey to Sucess: Day 5



So, at this moment, I’m in my suite. It feels so surreal I don’t think you understand how I feel right now! This is MINE! ALL MINES!! I feel good, I had an awesome day today, I had 3 clients at my main job and each client gave me $20 for tip. So, I went to the bank and deposited that money right away.

OMG! So, guess what???? I have had 6 appointments booked with me, for the future! I’m so stoked right now. I can’t wait to see my agenda booked months at a time! I’m so excited! My daughter was saying to me, “Mommy… can you imagine…. people lined up at the door, waiting to get their nails done by you?!” I was like OMG, I love her sometimes. But it really touched me when she said that.

So here I am, in my suite typing away, and hopefully a customer comes in, that wants to get their nails done! I feel like I have a million things to do.

So, I’m off. Love you guys!

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