My Journey to Sucess: Day 60

What’s up peepo! It’s January 24, 2018! So I’m in my suite right now, I just did my boss’s wife’s nails and she loved them, plus I got to practice my Spanish with her.

My confidence is about to be tested

So on with the updates. so theres a new nail tech coming to the suite now. At first, I was so happy that I was the only one, and now I have competition. I guess I’m a little worried, because I know my prices are higher than most of the typical  nail salons, and people are looking for quantity (low price) over quality (the time and talent I put into every client).  I was feeling a little insecurev for a moment. But I have to remind myself, there’s enough people out here for all the nail techs, I just have to keep my game up. I have to make sure I’m providing exceptional service and atmosphere with every client.

Slow and steady

I’m having a pretty slow week this week, so I have been praying and praying and talking to God more because now I have to depend on Him more now that my “security blanket” is gone. I was getting too comfortable relying on my job as my provider, instead of seeing my job as a resource that He used to provide for me.

Who do you put your trust in?

Now, I rely soley on him… yay? This is one of the most difficult things I’ve ever had to do. I have rent due on the first, rent for the suite due on Saturday, and all these other bills I have coming up, and it doesn’t exactly match up with what I have in my account, I have to rely on faith and faith alone. I believe this journey is going to take me to a new level with God. I’m going to learn how to pray, speak nothing but positivity into my life and stop looking at situations and things with my natural eyes.

But yeah, that’s all for now, I’m off to the gym! Latersssss! ‎

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