My Journey to Sucess: Day 67

Happy one month entreprenuaversary

Hey everyone! Today is February 1st, 2018 and yesterday was my one month anniversary of being an entreprenuer! Yay me!

It was very nerve wracking, I didn’t know where my next client was going to come from each day. I came over to this suite with about 7 to 10 clients, and now little by little I’m growing and growing. I have been able to pay all of my bills with virtually no problem. I’m not saying it was easy, but I work every. Single. Day and I work from 9am to 11pm most days. And I absolutely love it! Obviously I’m tired, but this is my baby, and I have to raise it.

There were days when I would look at my schedule, turn away and look again to see if my eyes were deceiving me, because my schedule was completely empty. But even though it was, I stayed at the shop from open to close, I didn’t care. And honestly, people usually would book last minute, so I would get a notification here, and a notification there and little by little I started to build and build. The amount of stress I had from worrying was counterproductive, but I still pushed forward.

Why is the devil and his minions trying me?

Oh yeah? FPnL right?

Now let’s talk about this past week. I got a fraudulent call from someone pretending to be an employee from FPnL and saying I owe them $495 for my salon suite, and at the time I wasn’t thinking straight, so I started freaking out. Not realizing that FPnL never calls when your late, they send emails and letters in the mail. I started crying and my client was telling me it didn’t sound right. She said I should call the owner, so I did.

He was super upset and ended up calling them back and saying some things I would rather not repeat. But he had my back.

Yelp “advertising”…

Let’s rewind to the beginning of the month. I signed up for Yelp advertising, and it was supposed to be $325 a month.

After two weeks, I saw some shady activity, i.e. fake reviews and fake activity on my page so I called them and cancelled the service before the 30 days. On January 29th, they charged my card $650, and my rent is due today, the 1st. So I immediately called my bank, and they said when the payment posts, they will go after them. So I then called yelp for an explanation, and the first guy I spoke to asked me if I was registered to some business that had absolutely nothing to do with me. Then he put me on hold. So I knew they screwed up and they were looking for an explanation to give me. When he gets back on the phone, he says he’ll give me a call back. So I call again, because it didn’t feel right.

So the second time I call, I spoke to someone else, and he tells me I started my campaign in December, which is a lie because my welcome letter says January 5th. Nice try Yelp, but NO! So he puts me on hold twice, to figure out some lie I’m sure. Anyhow, he calls me back and he says we’ll get in touch when a manager is available. To this day, never got a call back from him. So the first guy I spoke to calls me back super non-chillingly, and says it was an error on their part and then they will refund the money.

And now for the grand finale…. Drumroll please!!!

It’s going to take them 5 to 10 business days, so obviously I wasn’t happy, and I have no respect for this company anymore. And now I’m having a lot of issues with my daughters  school, long story short I had to report them to the district, so I’m probably going to have to switch my daughter out of that school. So yeah, the devil has been busy, but they say when you go through things like this all at once, something amazing is about to happen, and I don’t know what it is, but I’m ready!

You are going to hear me say this a lot, but I used to dream that I would be in the position that I am, 3 years ago, and it feels amzing, I’m only going up from here!

Love you guys,

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