My Journey to Sucess: Day 3



Fear is an inhibitor 

Sup peepo!
I just came back from the gym and right at this moment, I’m in my salon suite. I have been having some fear and doubt creep up into my thoughts, and I started to panic! So, I put on this song by Hillsong, called Oceans- Where feet may fail. What a beautiful POWERFUL song that was. It helped to calm me a little bit, but not completely, I still had these horrible thoughts going through my head. It’s only day 3, and I’ve told myself multiple times that I’m going to fail, I won’t last a month, and all other kinds of foolishness.

While I was a t the gym, I started listening to this sermon by TD Jakes called: God will give you the grace to handle it. Boy was that right on time. There was a banner on the bottom of the screen that said:

If you live worried, upset and anxious, you are inviting discouragement, bad breaks and negativity. Turn your worry into worship. Thank God that He’s fighting your battles. Thank Him that no weapon formed against you will prosper.

Get up and fight!

This was so perfect. Can you imagine how amazing this world would be if we turned our fears/anxieties/doubts into worship? So, I tried it! WOOO! So, every negative thought I had, I started saying, “You will never leave me, nor forsake me, you feed the ravens, so why wouldn’t you feed me, If You bring me to it, you’ll bring me through it!”. So now here I am! Calmer, still having negative thoughts, but I’m fighting back with the Word.
Another thing TDJ said, was that you’ll have to fight for your business. You can pray over it and speak the Word over it, but you WILL have to fight. All these feelings of fear and anxiety I’m having- #1 it isn’t from God, and #2 Now that I know it’s not from God, I must fight! God blessed me with a talent and I’m going to use it. How my talent ties into the kingdom, I don’t really know, but He will reveal it in due time!

But anyhow, I’m going to sign off, my nails look awful, so I need to fix that asap. So, until next time!