Inspiration of the Day: What are you feeding your fear?

Inspiration of the Day: What are you feeding your fear?

Welcome to the first inspirational post on my website! Let’s get right into it.

A Blast from the Past

I have been a Debbie Downer for as long as I can remember. I was the shy, quiet, people pleaser that pretended not to care what people thought of me. The fear of not being accepted by my peers was so daunting in my youth, I did what I could to make friends. I was always negative and judgmental, among other things. I never felt beautiful, worthy of love, and at times not worthy of people’s friendships. I mean, family members and friends would always tell me the opposite, but if YOU don’t believe it, they are wasting their breath.

I allowed Fear to put me in a  lifetime of depression and anxiety, well into to my adulthood. I used to blame other people and situations for how I felt about myself, or for how I treated others, but the reality was (according to Les Brown), I made an appointment to be there. And boy was he right!

Who is Fear and what does it eat?

The spirit of fear is a dark entity that plagues the lives of many. But it doesn’t stop there, Fear always comes with an entourage, called Self-Doubt and Worry. All three of these are leeches, and in order to survive, they need to  feed! Feed on what you say?

Fear and his friends have the ability to multiply and attach themselves to many people at a time. They seek out individuals with the biggest clouds of negative thoughts hanging over their heads. Thoughts like:

“I am not good enough”

“I am not smart enough”

“I cant do this”

“Shes prettier than me”

“What if I cant make it”

“I don’t have enough money”

Fear eats this all up and grows bigger, and bigger and bigger! Until your only thoughts are that of only negative connotations.

How to Get Rid of Fear

This is something I’m constantly working on myself. The way to get rid of Fear and his friends, is to speak positively, THAT’S IT!!! I know it sounds like common sense, but it isn’t so common. I see you rolling your eyes, and kissing your teeth, but explain to me why the majority of the people around you, are working in jobs they hate, studying for degrees they are not passionate about, or even living in poverty. My pastor always says, living in poverty isn’t always referring to something financial, it can be poverty of the mind, marriage, family relationships (me), and so on.

When you speak positively to yourself and to your situations every time a negative thought pops up into your head, it can change your life drastically. Personally, when my negative thoughts start to get rowdy, I pray and I speak His Word to my situations. I have to remind myself who He says that I am, instead of the lies I’ve told myself over the years.

Just know it starts in the mind, change your thoughts, change your life.


The Blame Game 

I think we get so caught up in blaming people, we forget to take responsibility for ourselves and our actions. (Once again talking to myself at this point). It helps to remember, Every single thing we do in life is a choice.

 Fear used to be the driver of my vehicle called life, and I used to sit in the back seat. Now I’m in the passenger seat, and I’m working my way towards getting behind the wheel.

I refuse to feed my fear with negative thoughts, instead I choose to replace it with positive words. If I can change the negative talk in my head, I can change my life. Like I said before, I have not mastered it, but I CAN see a difference in myself today by practicing positive self-talk.

Anyways, without further adieu, here is my inspirational quote of the day.

Don’t allow Fear to put limits on your life.